Designing your home is a very personal act and choosing the right architect to assist you in that process is incredibly important. Naturally, the architect needs to be qualified to do the job but they also need to be able to understand you as a person. They need to be a good listener and know to ask the right questions. They need to respect the reality that you know how you live your life but also be willing to challenge you to imagine ways you could live your life better.

Architecture is both of the process & the product of planning, designing & constructing buildings & any other structures. We offer a creative and essential sense to produce a well-designed space, by implementing the material scheme, light with harmony, and the selection of the furniture and the artworks to make the project be properly planned, scheduled, on budget & implemented as expected.

BALTRA ARCHITECTS office studio base in Bali are able to execute a variety of project types including residences, offices, hotels, villas, and commercials. It undertakes projects throughout Indonesia, Australia, the Asia region and beyond. We provide architectural design, interior design, furniture production, and engineering services. With various experienced project type using various materials (mixed media materials) which is a common type of materials use until he developed sustainable eco friendly with green design, i.e. concrete, steel, wood, bamboo, and earth base material, using conventional methods until modern methods their work comprises predominantly of residential, commercials, resorts and hospitality type of projects.

Our firm has been 15 years running as a professional in architecture design since April 2007 collaborated with some other designer specialists. We also help clients to provide engineering documents for site assessment including topography surveys and soil tests with our engineers. We also help clients to visualize 3D photorealistic rendering to easier ways for clients to imagine what the building look like. We help clients develop ionnovative architectural solutions that meet their functional needs as well as their emotional aspirations.


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