Green Building Design

Date: Dec 2017 ~ 2019
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Value: $400,000
Client: Michael
Category: Residential & Commercial

The Main Building of the Dojo Village is located on a small hill surrounded by rice fields and coconut gardens on the beach in the Tabanan area of Bali. Accommodating 1 master bedroom, 1 bedroom suite, 16 bedrooms, spa, gym, yoga studio, co-working space, Olympic swimming pool with decking, guest villas, kitchen, indoor & outdoor communal dining, BBQ area, living & lounges, media room, office, tea room, reception, workshop, staff room, services area, parking. All buildings are positioned avoiding as much as possible cutting the trees that already exist on the site also to keep as much as possible the natural contours of the land to get feel more blending with the natural environment.

Our Solutions

By conducting site analysis and assessment of sites especially on natural contours and existing trees, we will recognize more on site conditions and be able to place the planned building by minimizing cutting trees by observing potential views for ideal placement of spaces. The site analysis i.e.: site identification, drainage analysis, sun path analysis, wind analysis, accessibility analysis, view orientation analysis, site quality analysis, and usage zoning analysis. By doing all items analysis we can understand and can set the ideal master plan for the site.